Long term storage in Bangalore

Long Term Storage In Bangalore

With a wide variety of storage services, Sri Vinayaka Storage offers convenient and cost-effective long term storage in Bangalore for individuals and businesses alike. We understand that life is uncertain and that your requirements may change. You may move to some new place and may want to take some of your belongings with you or your business may do well and you may require more space to safely store your inventory. We try to come up with the best possible solution to whatever your requirement maybe.

If you are looking for flexible long term storage in Bangalore, contact our customer support team at +919880011434. Our team will gladly assist you in choosing the best storage unit for your belongings and will help you eventually to up or downsize your storage space at any point in time.

Our services for long term storage in Bangalore!

Household storage

Most of our clients request secure storage units for their furniture and household appliances. Some of them even trust us with luxury items like paintings and artefacts. We make sure that they are packed and stored safely so that when we return them, they are as good as the day we received them.

Stock/inventory storage

With a lot of business wanting to expand, there is a requirement for storage space for their commodities. Mostly this job is outsourced to a reliable organization where they can keep their belongings for as long as they may require. We understand the variation between renting storage spaces to individuals and businesses and we are equipped with a workforce and technology to handle a huge inventory.

Personal storage

Starting from unused personal items, oversized clothes and festive decorations to documents, heirlooms and valuables, you can store anything with us without worrying about any damage or loss. If you are looking for long term storage in Bangalore for personal items, we are perfect for you.

Tools and equipment storage

Who has space for all the tools and equipment they own? Even with enough space, no one wants them lying around their home. It is not safe to keep them at houses as they are a safety hazard even to grown-ups. This is where we come in, we will take those unused tools and implements off your hands! When you contact us for storage space for your tools, don’t forget to mention their dimensions so we can plan ahead for space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We cannot talk about cost without discussing your requirements. The cost for storage varies from individual to individual depending on the space they need and the type of service they request.
Yes, we have introduced a barcode tracking system so that you can be aware of the transit details and the location of your belongings at all times.
We do provide insurance for everything that you store with us. Damages due to water, fire and during handling etc are covered under the insurance we provide. Contact us for more information regarding insurance details for long term storage in Bangalore.
The storage process is relatively simple and quick if you have a perfect team working for you. The time may depend on the type of service you require but we can assure you that with Sri Vinayaka, it is as easy as it gets.
No, it doesn’t cost extra for shipping. You may require to pay some amount for packing materials if you have requested a door pick up. Contact our customer support executive at +919880011434 so that they can help you with this query.

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