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Perfect Storage Space to ensure safe Storage of your Documents:

Sri Vinayaka Storage strives to offer a complete solution to both residential and commercial people. Apart from storage, they offer records management services for small businesses and individuals to ensure secure and safe storage of the official documents and files. We offer flexible, secure, and reasonable document Storage Services in Bangalore. Being in the commercial vertical, we understand the number of documents that you have in your premises that are taking the valuable space. We have corrugated boxes to store your important documents and additionally a rigid security system to keep them safe.

We work as an extension of your team:

Documents play an important role for businesses and individuals, and therefore we work in a way to offer additional security to the important documents. We work just like your team members – or you can say us as an extension of your team. We have experts who are the best in their jobs and can work perfectly to sort the documents and files. Your inventory in our facility can be made according to your needs. Our team can visit your place, pack the documents in the boxes, pick them up and safely store them in our facility.

We offer complete document management solutions:

Sri Vinayaka Storage offers comprehensive document storage services starting from scanning the documents to the green destruction. Our experts offer document management services and imaging solutions, which comprise accurate data entry in both offshore and onshore facilities at a low price, storage solution, and required scanning equipment. We aim to become the leading name for document storage services in Bangalore. Our highly advanced secure scanning services and software imaging services ensure quality and professional document management solutions.

Secure and professional business record management services:

You get the file storage boxes, transmittal forms, and barcodes. Our storage racks consist of the barcode. In case you need your business file in a short time, we have the facility and technicalities that help us to locate and retrieve the file instantly. In case you are looking for shelves that can be frequently accessed by you, we have the offsite document storage service available for you.

What is so unique about Sri Vinayaka Storage?

  • We offer the boxes that are specifically designed to keep the documents in proper condition
  • We offer access only to the authorized person with the Biometric Access System
  • We have the CCTV camera along with 24/7 security service available to keep an eye
  • We have the facilities protected from theft and pest infestation with our pest control and fire alarms
  • We ensure quick and easy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, yes. We have a facility in our space where we use barcodes to find your documents instantly when you need them. As we keep the data of the documents in our facility, we ensure everything is systematic, and we are able to produce the documents whenever you require.
In case you need it a day before to pack your documents, yes, we can. Otherwise, if you want us to take the responsibility, our experts will reach the location with the boxes to pack the documents and bring them to our facility with utmost safety and security.
Completely yes. We work as your team member, and therefore we make sure that your documents are completely safe with us. No one, except you and our experts, will have access to your documents – because we know how important documents are for professionals and businesses.
Yes, you can. If you are looking to store documents that you have to frequently access, you need to let us know. This is because we make sure to maintain tight security.
You definitely can, But make sure you confirm your decision a week ago so that we can work accordingly.

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