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Get top-notch commercial service for your stocks:

Are you expanding your business, or are you not able to make space for the stocks? Are you struggling to find enough room to keep your equipment, stocks, and papers? Do you need to free some space for your office work? Whether you are decorating, relocating, or renovating your business, there are endless things that would require you to make space. If you are looking for a reliable and quality Storage Facility in Bangalore, Sri Vinayaka Storage can become the one-stop solution for your diverse security storage requirements.

We make storing commercial things simple & safe:

At Sri Vinayaka Storage, we completely comprehend the plight of the businesses that are struggling to find space for stocking their products, therefore we offer a facility backed by some of the experts of this industry. With a great team of experts having a wealth of knowledge on handling the business products with utmost safety, we have been able to surpass the needs and requirements. Take the commercial Storage Services in Bangalore and get a friendly hand who can offer storage rooms for stock your goods.

Our Commercial Storage Services in Bangalore is Safe:

Commercial goods need stringent security as businesses are investing thousands of dollars on their products. To be able to take up such responsibilities and surpass the expectations of clients, we make sure that our facility has been included with an advanced security system that will be able to check for threats. Besides, the biometric system used by us makes sure your goods are safe and in the right hands. We understand your stress, and hence we guarantee to provide strict security services with our 24*7 CCTV surveillance.

We carefully handle your goods :

We understand how much concerned you are about your commercial goods. Taking our Warehouse Services in Bangalore will take your stress away as we have the professionals of this industry who will pack your goods with utmost care. Not only this, you use quality vehicles to make it an easy transit and ensure no damage to your goods. We handle your stocks with care and precautions, just the way you would have done for your stocks.

What is so unique about Sri Vinayaka Storage?

  • We use the advanced security system to ensure top-notch protection
  • We have the barcode entry to ensure legit entry in our facility
  • We offer pickup and delivery service of your good to the location
  • We pack your goods with utmost safety
  • We offer Long Term Storage in Bangalore for businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do offer bulk commercial storage services. Make sure you brief us on your requirement at least 10 days before you plan to move your goods.
Yes, you can. Even when we don’t allow any third person without a biometric request, if you have a special request, our experts will locate you to your good storage.
Of course, yes! We offer both packing and unpacking services to our clients. We comprehend the struggle faced by people while packing goods alone and therefore an extra hand will become helpful for you to pack the goods.
Yes, but if you are planning to extend the time, you need to inform us about it before a week.
We have a 24/7 security system. Besides, the CCTV surveillance helps us to keep an eye on everything that is going on in the facility. Additionally, a biometric system in the facility gives entry only to the experts working with us.
Yes, we can. All you need is to mention the time and location you want your good to get delivered, and Sri Vinayaka Storage will take care of the rest by ensuring seamless transit of your valuables.

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