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Being one of the top Storage Services in Bangalore, we aim to become the one-stop solution for your diverse storage requirements. We understand the struggle people face while hosting a live event, and therefore with the event storage services offered by us can help you concentrate on the event as we can keep an eye on your belongings. Our life event facilities include weddings, birthdays, home warming, and other get-togethers where we know the number of guests coming over and therefore, instead of making it messy, take our services for Safe Storage in Bangalore and keep your items in a secure place.

Say no to mess during events with our storage services:

We all look to keep our home, or professional space organized all the time. But during an event, it is not possible to maintain the space as your focus is mostly on the guests. Keeping a spacious room becomes more appropriate to conduct any event and ensure no damage to the essentials. If you are thinking about where you can find Storage in Bangalore, then you have us. With us, you have the safest storage facility where your products are given the highest level of care and security to ensure keeping your belongings safe and secure.

We work for the customers, and customer satisfaction is our only priority:

No wonder you will be looking for a service that is responsible and skilled to ensure the security of your stuff, and you have Sri Vinayaka Storage. With some of the top experts with us, we make sure that your essentials are thoroughly packed and brought to our facility. Even we offer quality containers for seamless transit and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Your belongings are safely brought and stored at our facility:

Since inception, we have been consistently striving to surpass the needs of our clients, and hence we integrated high-end security systems in our facility. Even the security guards available in our facility are carefully chosen who are being trained to handle extraordinary challenging situations. You can trust our extraordinary security included in our facility while enjoying the best times of the live event.

What is so unique about Sri Vinayaka Storage?

  • We have the containers to safely store your belongings
  • We have advanced security installed in our facility to ensure the safety of your belongings
  • We have trained experts who have the training on packing and safely installing your products
  • We use the Biometric security system just to make sure that only authorized people get access to the facility
  • We can deliver your item any day upon your request

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes definitely. We offer safe Long Term Storage in Bangalore for any type of event. You get long term storage service only with us, which you can again extend if required.
We would prefer to talk over the phone or face to face to discuss the price as it depends on the tenure and the space required to store your items.
Yes! We offer containers that are made to keep the belongings safe and in one piece. We also use bubble wrap to ensure that everything is in its place and not even get a scratch. Therefore, we offer the best of this industry for sturdy packing.
We make sure of offering the utmost safety to our clients, and hence we implement stringent security to our facilities. · Pest control · Fire alarm · CCTV camera · 24/7 security · Biometric Entry

Yes, you definitely can; after all, it is your property. But to make it a little bit easier for us, it would be great if you us a few days before you decide to take your stuff.

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