Household Storage in Bangalore

Household Storage In Bangalore

Welcome to Sri Vinayaka Storage, a reliable place for Household storage in Bangalore. We have storage facilities at convenient locations in Bangalore where you can safely store all your belongings and household items. With advanced security measures and regular maintenance, our storage units and services are one of a kind and are the best among the contemporaries of the industry.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals and storage experts will be always available to assist you with all your storage requirements.

Why are we the best Household Storage in Bangalore?

We ask ourselves the same question every day and that helps us to stay in the competition with our counterparts across the globe. We try to stand out from the rest by providing cost-effective services without compromising on quality. Here is the list of things that makes us special for offering the best services for household storage in Bangalore.

  • We offer around the clock customer support.
  • Our warehouses are always under digital surveillance.
  • We provide regular maintenance.
  • We are a team of friendly and helpful management.
  • Our facilities are fully fenced and not easily accessible.
  • Our warehouses are under temperature monitoring and regulation.
  • You require to get past a biometric lock for entry.
  • We accept virtual bill payments.
  • We are one of the very few service providers for household storage in Bangalore.
  • You can expand or reduce the space you rent with us.
  • No minimum or maximum duration for storing your things.
  • Customizable services all around the year.
  • We provide insurance to everything you store with us.
  • We respect your privacy and keep our interaction confidential.
  • You can store almost everything non-perishable with us, of course in accordance with our laws.
  • We have a professional team that are experts at their jobs.


Still not convinced that we are the best for household storage in Bangalore? Contact us with your queries and we promise to assist you in the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we provide door to door insurance to your things which means, the minute we pick them at your place they are protected against loss and damage. Although, you shouldn’t worry about it as our team are trained to handle the packaging and storage of all kinds of things and they will remain free from damage and loss no matter how long they are in our possession.
It completely depends on the kind of service you have requested from us. Some prefer to pack their own stuff, we simply add them to corrugated boxes or containers. Most of our clients ask for a full service in which we will do the packing and wrapping for you. We also bring the packaging material with us!
Yes, all employees undergo a mandatory background check before we hire them. Even after their hire, we monitor their behaviour and performance to make sure that everyone on our team is friendly and honest. We take serious action against any offence committed against our customers or the company. Do let us know if you feel discomfort working with any of our employees. We will come up with a way in which we can assist you better.
The storage process is relatively simple and quick if you have a perfect team working for you. The time may depend on the type of service you require but we can assure you that with Sri Vinayaka, it is as easy as it gets.

Of course, you can give us a call and our customer support team will find a way to deliver your belongings to your doorstep within no time. We at Sri Vinayaka household storage in Bangalore, take pride in our quick service.

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