Blog Post: 8 best reasons to rent self storage units in Bangalore

8 reasons to rent self storage units in Bangalore

8 best reasons to rent self storage units in Bangalore

Why do people use self storage in Bangalore?

There are many sizes of self storage units, including lockers and large rooms. People use them for many reasons. You might be surprised at how useful and versatile a self-storage unit can be. These are 8 reasons to rent self storage units.

1. House Relocations

There might be some time between moving out of your current house and moving in to your new one in the process of relocation services in Bangalore. You might have a buyer and don’t want the house to be abandoned. Or maybe you need to do some repairs on your new home before you can move in.

You can store all your household items, furniture, and furnishings in self-storage units for as long or as you need. The removals company can bring your contents to your unit and load them into your storage space (many units have access from the drive-up and loading bays).

Depending on how much storage you require, the size of your unit will vary. A 3m2 unit would hold the contents of a 1-bedroom flat; a 10-m2 unit would hold a large house with two bedrooms; and a 12m2 unit would be large enough to store the whole contents of a large shed and family home.

2. Downsizing

You may have more furniture than you can fit in your new home if your children are grown and gone.

Your excess household contents can be sold, gifted, or donated. However, if you have spare beds, wardrobes, sofas/tables or other items, you could keep them in your self-storage unit for family members or when you move to a larger property.

3. Stock and equipment for businesses

Traditional warehouse storage for stock, tools, and equipment is usually tied to a long commercial contract that may not be flexible enough. A storage unit that you can rent to store your stock, tools and archives is an economical, flexible alternative. The rental periods are shorter so that you can switch between smaller and larger units at the end.

4. Divorce/separation

You may need to rent a small home temporarily if you have separated from your spouse or partner. This is while you and your ex negotiate the terms of your divorce/separation. Most people just leave their household contents behind, as they don’t have enough space in the temporary property. Then, they must purchase new furniture to fit the new house. Renting a self-storage unit can save you money and allow you to keep your household contents until you have enough space in your long-term home.

5 House renovation/redecoration

No matter how neat and tidy you are, your belongings can get damaged or covered in paint or dust by any work being done on your home. When you have to decorate large furniture pieces, it can be a difficult job.

Your self-storage unit can be used to store furniture and other soft furnishings until you are done.

6. Online retail storage

Online retailers have the advantage of not having to pay commercial rent or taxes. However, you still need to store your stock. Self storage units can be a great option if your business is too big to manage from your home. It can be used to store stock and you can set up a packaging area so that your products get to your customers quickly.

7. Student storage

You may be uncomfortable leaving your personal belongings in your student accommodation if you are away from home and return for the holidays. The holidays are a prime time for burglary of student accommodation. This is because thieves know that these properties will be empty for many weeks. You can rent a self-storage unit (1m2 locker) to keep your belongings safe until you return to university.

8. Seasonal items

Sports equipment, Christmas decorations, or camping gear can take up space in your home and can easily be damaged if they are stuffed into a closet or loft. These items can be stored in safe storage in Bangalore, which allow you to leave them there for a few weeks or months and then retrieve them when you need them.

Self storage units can be used to store many things. Self storage units are great for storing all kinds of things. Your self storage unit can be considered a mini extension to your home. It allows you to store all the things that don’t fit in your home or office.


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