Blog Post: 5 useful tips for a better long-term storage experience

5 useful tips for a better long-term storage experience

5 useful tips for a better long-term storage experience

Best tips for a better long-term storage experience

From relocation to simply storing some party supplies, whatever your reason may be, the storage experience can be daunting if you have not planned it ahead of time. All the packing and moving things can be tiresome without proper guidance. Don’t worry, as your trusted and long-term storage service provider we have curated a list of useful storage tips that will help you have the best storage experience with us. You can also use these tips to store your belongings at your home.

Once you start decluttering you may find yourself immersed in all those old albums, furniture and clothes your kids may have outgrown, those memories may keep you from strategically planning and packing, which brings us to our first tip:

1. Plan before you start packing

By planning, we mean :  

  • Make a list of things that you want to move to the long-term storage facility.
  • Make a planner or to-do list and check them off as you go.
  • Arrange all this required for packing, like cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, newspaper, packing peanuts, tape, markers and a pair of scissors.
  • Label the boxes before starting according to how long you want to keep them in the storage unit.

2. Pack your things properly

If you want to avail of storage services for the long-term, the key to keeping your things safe and damage-free is to pack carefully. Don’t forget to line the inside of the cardboard boxes or plastic boxes with plastic wrap or paper. If your belongings are prone to damage or rusting, make sure you individually wrap them and lay them in a box with packing peanuts or air cushions. You can also stack them one inside another to save space. Once you are done with packing, carefully seal the boxes shut with tape and don’t forget to label them to help you with identifying your things.

3. Carefully clean your furniture and appliances before packing

Finding a storage space for your furniture can be difficult and the packing part can get frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing. 

For both furniture and electronic appliances, vacuuming can be beneficial to remove dirt and muck that may have stuck to them. Wooden furniture should be properly polished and cleaned using pesticides to keep them from mould and pests. When you pack the appliances, make sure you check if they are working properly.

4. Stay organized throughout

This is the most important tip of all. If you stay organized and focused while you are packing, there is a 100% chance that you will make sure everything is done properly. Make notes as you go and label them so that whenever you want to retrieve a part of your belongings, you don’t have to go through them all. This saves you a lot of time, money and its efforts.

5. And don’t procrastinate

Some people put off everything until the last minute and rush everything to simply throw all their belongings into the boxes as the moving team waits outside their door. Don’t be like them. Sticking to your schedule helps you stay motivated and properly de-clutter your home. It also helps you to prioritize what is worth storing and what goes into the donation box. If you need help, you can always ask your storage service provider if they have a packing team to take the load off of you. Some storage companies like Sri Vinayaka long-term storage provides a full-service package in which the packing and moving are also included.

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