Blog Post: 6 important reasons to declutter your homes now!

6 important reasons to declutter your homes now!

6 important reasons to declutter your homes now!

We all know the importance of having a clean and organized space around us. Doctors suggest that de-cluttering has multiple health benefits and some psychology experts believe that an organized home helps you have an organized life. 

Feng shui, a traditional ancient Chinese practice states that everything around our surroundings influences some part of our lives and this pseudoscientific argument is gaining popularity these days. No matter who says it and how they say it, we know decluttering can be satisfying and beneficial to us. 

Here are some ways in which decluttering can benefit you.

Decluttering helps you stay organised

Decluttering your homes or offices can mean one thing first – to get rid of unnecessary things. You may choose to donate them, sell them off, reuse them or move them to your storage unit somewhere but you will be able to identify things that no longer benefit you. The second and more important aspect is that you will have a lot of “newfound” space to organise your things. The third and most overlooked aspect of decluttering is cleaning. You will be forced to clean and get rid of the dirt that normally wouldn’t be accessible with all the things lying around. Once all this is done, you will have a properly organised space for yourself.

Decluttering improves your mental health

By now we have established one thing, that is our surroundings can influence us in more ways than we usually acknowledge. The space around us can impact our mood. If everything around us causes prolonged stress, be it our physical space or digital space, that can lead to various mental health issues like anxiety, depression, mental fatigue and OCD. Some people with mental health problems like ADHD, Autism and OCD tend to get irritated in a messy environment and have difficulty focusing. Psychologists believe that de-cluttering can help you tackle Monday blues, depression and can improve your standards of living. 

Decluttering improves your immunity

People with allergies and respiratory issues find it incredibly difficult to live in cramped places. The dust, mould, mildew and pet hair that builds up all over your furniture and belongings can flare up your allergies and the best solution is to declutter your homes regularly and thoroughly vacuum or dust every nook and corner. Decluttering especially makes cleaning easy and allows proper air circulation in the rooms which can eventually help you build a stronger immune system.

Decluttering reduces the risk of illness and injury

This is pretty much common sense. The more things you have in your home, the riskier it gets for you. You may have to cram everything together and this will reduce your moving space. With more things, there is a chance that some of them end up lying on the floor and you may hurt yourself unknowingly. More things also mean suffocating spaces which may adversely affect your health.

Decluttering helps to fight off insomnia

Insomnia or lack of sleep can be caused due to a messy environment. Think about a tidy room, freshly made bed, clean sheets and a nicely fluffed up pillow; as opposed to a clumsy situation, we all know what we would choose for a good night’s rest. Studies have shown that insomnia, productivity and organized spaces are interlinked. Humans, even animals are evolutionarily wired to only sleep in peaceful and safe environments. Although it was to protect themselves from predators at night, it soon became true to having clean and organized sleeping arrangements. If you are someone struggling with insomnia, start with decluttering your bedroom. You can always thank us later!

Decluttering increases your productivity

The most important benefit of all is that decluttering can increase your productivity exponentially and you can enhance your productivity by simply keeping your surroundings clean and organized. When everything is in its rightful place, it is easier to work quickly and more efficiently. You can establish a pace and flow in which you complete your tasks and continuously outperform yourself. Try this the next time you feel flustered and demotivated at your workplace.

We hope you understand the importance of having a clutter-free environment. For more information, contact Sri Vinayaka storage for unmatched storage services in Bangalore.


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